Friday, November 6, 2015

Every Haunting Hour Ever #22: Scary Mary (Part 2)

Season: 1 
Episode: 22
Original Airdate: May 14, 2011
Director: Peter Deluise

     Last time on The Haunting Hour! Some kids play a game based on Bloody Mary, bad things happen involving mirrors, and that's about it. 

     While in Scary Mary's world, Hanna refuses to be like everyone else, who have given their faces to Mary, leaving themselves faceless. Mary uses the faces to disguise herself as one of them, hoping that a boy will come to rescue the girl and take Mary out of her world, but nobody ever comes. Hanna's friend Eric (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) comes to save her and finds Mary with her face, but realizes that it's not her. Mary's farmhouse sets on fire, representing what had killed her. Eric finds the real Hanna and gets back to the real world by going in a river of Mary's tears. At the end, Mary calls for Eric from the mirror.

     I gotta say, I like how unsettling Scary Mary's minions are. I don't know if this comes from their behavior (Where they basically force someone to lose their identity as told by their master), the way they look, or a combination of both but they're characters that aren't meant to be taken lightly. As a person who has a moderate fear of eye contact, this unsettling feeling becomes enhanced. I think these characters also show how scary losing your identity can really be. 

     I also like how well the scares were executed. There seems to be a lot of thought and build up to them. When I say this, I don't mean that they gradually increase the speed and volume of a music piece and have someone yell "Boo!" Unexpectedly. Instead, the scares rely on the atmosphere and the emotions of the characters. 

     If I did have one issue with this part of the episode, I'd say that it was pretty odd to see Scary Mary talk and show her face. While the performance itself wasn't bad, it seemed rather jarring and distracting. I would've preferred it if, like in the first part of this episode, they kept her face and voice a mystery. Then again, this may be due to the fact that I liked the buildup a lot more than the payoff. 

     Overall, Scary Mary (Part 2) is not only a decent follow up to the first part of this episode, but it's also a decent wrap up for season 1. I can definitely see why this episode is well known and liked among Haunting Hour fans. 

     Overall Grade: B+ 

     With that said ladies and gentlemen, it looks like this is the end for season 1. This was a rather great season as it has quite a few of my favorite episodes and did a great job of shaping an identity for The Haunting Hour. With 22 episodes down and 54 more to go, hopefully we can even more of what makes this show so great!

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  1. This sounds like a surreal, unsettling, and symbolic episode, which is good. We need more shows like that.