Sunday, November 1, 2015

Every Haunting Hour Ever #21: Scary Mary (Part 1)

Season: 1
Episode: 21
Original Airdate: May 7, 2011
Director: Peter Deluise 

     Ladies and gentlemen! We have made it to the first season finale of The Haunting Hour. For those who are curious, yes. Just like the first episode of the series, Really You, this finale is a two parter. From what I understand, this is one of the more popular episodes of the series. Why is that so? Is it because it's based off of the Bloody Mary legend? Does it have characters that are just so iconic to The Haunting Hour? Well let's dive right in! 

     Hanna (Eva Allen) is convinced by her friends into chanting the Scary Mary poem into her mirror before telling her the legend. There once was a girl named Mary who was obsessed with her looks and loved people making themselves beautiful. She lived in a farmhouse and was a very lonely girl. One day, the farmhouse caught on fire and she burned to death. To this day, she waits for someone to chant her name so she can "take their face" and become beautiful again. Days later, Hanna is convinced that "Scary Mary" has contacted her by leaving a compact hairbrush marked with the letter "M." That night, Hanna applies makeup products while brushing her hair with the "M" brush, not knowing there are masked girls inside her mirror waiting to take her. Seconds later, the girls break through the mirror and pull her in, trapping her in the world of Scary Mary.

     For one thing, I like how the somber mood actually enhances the atmosphere. This episode is like a combination of The Perfect Brother and Ghostly Stare. The somber moods seems to add some weight to this episode's atmosphere and the two elements mesh rather well. 

     Another thing that this episode does well is its villain, Scary Mary.  Throughout most of the episode, the characters and visuals build up the legend of Scary Mary a lot within the time that they're given. The audience gets to know quite a bit about Mary without having the episode be nothing but exposition. When the episode shows Mary on screen, there are a few details shown such as a pink veil and a couple of her fingers. For the most part though, her appearance is kept a mystery. 

     Overall, Scary Mary (Part 1) does a great job of getting the audience into the legend of Scary Mary. While Scary Mary is based on the Bloody Mary legend, it still manages to be its own thing. 

     Overall Grade: A

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  1. "They say that if you chant Scary Mary's name, she'll come to steal your face." "Okay, let me give it a try!" What in blazes is wrong with you people? All heckling aside, I like how Scary Mary and the masked ghosts wait a few days before taking someone. It creates a sense of dread and is more interesting than the cliche of something happening five seconds after someone does something.