Saturday, November 14, 2015

Every Haunting Hour Ever #23: Creature Feature (Part 1)

Season: 2
Episode: 1
Original Airdate: October 1, 2011
Director: Peter Deluise 

     So in my review of the second part of the Scary Mary episode, there's something else I forgot to mention. I felt like the second part was kind of pointless. Don't get me wrong! I still think the episode is decent but if they were to end the episode in the first part with Hanna being sucked into the mirror, that would've been satisfactory. Anyway, welcome to the start of The Haunting Hour's second season! To be honest, I didn't think I'd get this far but I'm glad I did because this episode is a real treat! 
      A classic film lover named John (Joel Courtney) gets sucked into a 1950s B Movie called I Was a Teenage Tick Monster playing at a haunted drive-in. He soon ends up in the movie where he is pursued by the Tick Monster and the evil mad scientist Dr. Mangle (Matt Angel).

     What I really enjoyed about this episode is the fact that they captured what a B Movie is like really well. If you seen at least 1 B Movie, you'd know that the dialogue and acting tends to be rather corny and over the top. The plots also seem cliche by today's standards as well. Regardless, the directors of these movies seem to have a lot of fun with the movie they were making and because of this, the movie becomes enjoyable in a "So bad, it's good" kind of way. That's basically how I would describe the movie John gets sucked into. However, the show still manages to put its own spin on it. 

     I also enjoyed the special effects in this episode. The movie John gets sucked into was said to be made in the 1950's. During that era, they had no cgi or flash animation. Because of this, the filmmakers had to be really creative with special effects, especially with a small budget. This means they would use puppets, animatronics, or even people in costumes for the parts where they needed to show the monster. The tick costume in the episode looks decent enough to be convincing but not too detailed or new to where it would seem out of place. 

     My only problem with the episode is that the two main boys look a bit too similar to each other. While there are differences between them (different clothes), it still isn't much help to distinguish the two. Keep this in mind that it doesn't ruin the episode but it's rather distracting. 

     Overall, Creature Feature (Part 1) is a fun and enjoyable episode for B Movie fans, Haunting Hour fans, and even casual viewers. Can the second part of this episode match up in quality? Find out in the next review. 

    Overall Grade: A

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  1. This episode sounds like classic Goosebumps material, and of course I mean that in a good way. It sounds like a great ode to those old B-movies too.