Friday, September 23, 2016

Every Haunting Hour Ever #45: Intruders

Season: 3
Episode: 5
Original Airdate: November 3, 2012
Director: Ken Friss
Writer(s): Jack Monaco

Timmy is an average kid, that no one understands! Mom and dad and Vicky always giving him comman--- Oh wait wrong show. So today's episode is about (turns into Crocker) FAIRY GOD PARENTS! (returns to normal self) God dammit! You know what, let's just get into the review before I spew out anymore Fairly Odd Parents references!

Eve (Willow Shields) has been unhappy ever since the birth of her baby brother. One night she sees lights in the forest behind her house, and meets a fairy who tells her that she's a changeling who possesses fairy powers. After having fun using her new powers, the fairy tells Eve that she can be a fairy forever if she gives the fairy her baby brother. She pretends to, but tricks the fairy by bringing iron (which is lethal to a fairy). After she returns home, menacing eyes peer out of the forest and approach the house.

One of the things I liked about this episode was the characters, specifically the main ones and the situation that they're in. For this episode, a new baby boy is added to the family and as you can imagine, Eve isn't happy about this. Despite this though, her family tries their best to overcome the challenges that this situation has brought on them. The episode shows how both parties (Eve and her parents) feel about the situation and for the most part, it doesn't portray one side as being right while portraying the other side as completely wrong. Not only that, but the episode does a good job filling the audience in on the situation itself by gradually expanding upon it as the episode goes on. Oh and I also like how the parents actually try to help Eve by having her see a psychologist and telling her that no matter what she does, she'll always be a part of the family, which I thought was kind of heart warming. 

Another thing I liked about the episode was the ending. To me, this ending is fantastic! It's happy enough to where it's heartwarming and allows the audience to feel a sense of satisfaction for the characters but there's also some scares thrown in to keep it from reaching diabetes levels of sweet, unlike another episode which I'll talk about very soon.

One thing that does bother me about the episode though is Eve's acting in the climax where she pretends to bring her baby brother to the fairy, but tricks her by bringing iron instead. For most of the episode, Eve's acting is okay. However, I felt like when the climax came she either lost a bit of her acting skill or just lost interest and gave a half baked performance, hoping no one would notice. 

Overall, Intruders is an interesting and very well put together episode. Could it have benefited from a couple more scares? Sure. But for what it is, it's still a very good episode and hell! I'd even go as far as to say it's one of the best episodes of season three. 

Overall Grade: A

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  1. It is good to hear that the parents showed they cared. I'm tired of scary stories with parents that are either apathetic or downright hostile. This sounds well-executed because stories like this are laughable if not done correctly.