Friday, June 24, 2016

Every Haunting Hour Ever #38: Night of The Mummy

Season: 2
Episode: 16
Original Airdate: January 21, 2012 
Director: Neill Fearnley 

Hey there ladies and gentlemen! Today I'm going to be reviewing a truly excellent episode called Headshot and boy am I excit--- (someone whispers off screen) What? You mean this isn't the Headshot review? (More whispering off screen) Well then what the hell am I reviewing? (Off screen whispering) Night of The Mummy? I don't remember that episode! (Whispering off screen) I do? Um... okay. Uh... Night of The Mummy ladies and gentlemen... A truly unforgettable episode.

When a rare Egyptian exhibit comes to town, Seth (Zachary Gordon) takes a job as a museum volunteer. However, the more Seth becomes drawn to the exhibit, the more he finds out that he may be connected to the Mummy of the Boy Pharaoh (in more ways than one). Seth enlists his friend Phoebe (Margeaux Muir) for help. It turns out that Seth is the long-lost twin brother of Seti (also played by Zachary Gordon) and decides to be with his brother in the afterlife as the curator (Andrew Kavadas) summons a sandstorm. When Phoebe wakes up, she finds that Seth is now a mummy and joining his brother in the afterlife.

One of the things I liked about the episode was the Seth character. Unlike Norman from the Swarmin Norman episode, Seth's obsession with Ancient Egyptian culture doesn't come off as super creepy or over the top. Instead, Seth's passion is portrayed a bit more realistically as he's more laid back and the Ancient Egyptian culture obsession is only one part of his character rather than being his only personality trait. 

The other character I really got into was Mr. Nebibi, the museum curator. Throughout the episode, he has this great balance between charismatic and unnerving. You know that there's something off about him but his charisma kind of distracts you from that a bit. I think this comes from the way he acts, looks, and sounds. His voice kind of reminds me of Christopher Lee except it isn't as deep or booming. 

One of this issues I had with this episode though is the pacing. Even though this is a twenty to thirty minute episode, it feels like only fifteen minutes have gone by as you reach the end of the episode. While the pacing doesn't completely ruin the episode, there are a few things that are glossed over that would've made Seth's character even stronger. For example, at the beginning of the episode, Seth's mom talks about how new schools can be tough implying that they have either moved or just switched schools. After that, it's never brought up again. Like... ever. In the episode, Seth constantly mentions how lonely he is and if the new school thing had a bit more focus, it would've shown just how much of an impact being lonely at a new school had on Seth. There's also the relationship between Seth and Phoebe. In the episode, they only share about two to three scenes together and even then it's mostly just small talk. Because of this, the scene where Phoebe loses Seth to the afterlife doesn't feel as impactful as it should be. 

Overall, Night of The Mummy is a pretty decent episode. It's not one of the best that the series has to offer and it's not one I'd be watching over and over again but I'm glad I saw it as I did find quite a few things to enjoy. 

Overall Grade: C+

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  1. That introduction was funny! x-D Ah, so this is the mummy episode! Sure enough, it's different from that Goosebumps book I was thinking of. It sounds like a cool premise. It's a shame the pacing threw things off, but at least the most important characters had depth.