Saturday, October 3, 2015

Every Haunting Hour Ever #18: Pool Shark

Season: 1
Episode: 18
Original Airdate: April 16, 2011
Director: Jason Furukawa 

    Dear readers of this review, due to the atrocious quality of this episode, I have managed to destroy my computer and television and put a few holes in my wall. Surprisingly, my game consoles and tablet were spared my wrath. Anyway, I hope you enjoy seeing me tackle yet another episode of The Haunting Hour. Sincerely, Little Azu. 

     Kai (Booboo Stewart) must overcome his fear of the water in order to convince people there is a shark in the pool. It is suspected that the shark is actually a Nanaue (a creature that is a shark in the water and a human on land). It turns out that the shark Kai was seeing was actually his father and that alongside his dad, he is also a Nanaue. Kai uses this as an advantage by scaring the guy that bullies him and taking his crush for a ride in the pool on his back in the form of the shark.

     I'm gonna be honest with you. This is probably the only Haunting Hour episode that legitimately pissed me off. Why you may ask? Well... Grab some popcorn because this is going to be a long review. 

     Well, why don't I start with the fact that they take a clichéd plot and do absolutely nothing new or different with it. I'm not kidding when I say this. From the moment it starts, I know where it's going to go, what events are going to unfold, and what changes the characters are going to go through. In other words, if you seen a story like this, you've seen this episode. What really brings my piss to a boil is that this show has taken tired and clichéd plots like this and brought something new and refreshing to it such as in The Red Dress, Game Over, and even Wrong Number. So if this show could do that with those episodes, why not this one? Better yet, if you COULDN'T do anything new or different with it, why make the episode at all?! I mean did somebody actually look at this episode and say "Yeah it's up to snuff, air it!". If so, I have several questions for them. 

     Oh but... It gets better. You see, this episode has the worst bully character in the entire series! He basically has no personality outside of acting arrogant. Damn! I thought Trevor and Chang from The Dead Body were the worst bully characters in the series. But at least with them, you could argue that they're like Nelson Muntz from The Simpsons in the sense that they're aware of their bullying and having a lot of fun with it. Hell, even Steffani from Wrong Number had more character than the bully in this episode! Yes folks! A character that was supposed to be a 1 dimensional alpha bitch is a more developed character than a bully character that was supposed to have some personality! Wow! Way to drop the ball there guys!

     OK... If there's anything... And I mean... ANYTHING that I liked about this episode, I would say that the Nanaue legend was kind of interesting. It reminds of the Bolivian Miak from Earnest Scared Stupid in the sense that I really do question whether or not this is an actual Hawaiian legend. This is also made more interesting because this show has had its share of episodes that were based on real life legends such as A Creature Was Stirring and many upcoming episodes. However, is this enough to save the episode? Hell no! It doesn't even come close!! 

     Now I know what you're thinking. Azu, how would YOU fix the episode? Well, along with what I said about the episode, I'd also change the ending. When Kai and the bully character are bickering with each other before the swimming race begins, the girl who they are fighting over will snap and say: "OK guys! You know what? If you are going to act like a bunch of five year olds fighting over who the best ninja turtle is because of me, then I don't want to be with ANY of you! (Turns and sees a random girl) Hey you! Get over here! (Girl walks over) Do you want go do something tonight? Like watch a movie or get a pizza? (Girl nods her head) Great! (The two girls leave as the two guys start sobbing and complaining). Not only does it make for a funny ending but it also does something new or different with the plot, thus justifies the use of a tired plot. 

     Overall, Pool Shark has got to be the WORST Haunting Hour episode I've seen. Considering that I'm not even 20 episodes into the Ever Haunting Hour Ever marathon to find the bottom of the barrel, that's saying a lot! Hopefully things will improve in the next episode. 

     Overall Grade: F-


  1. While i find this episode to be weak, i don't think it's THAT bad. Yeah, it's cliche but it's kind of charming and way more tolerable than poof de fromage.

    1. I guess as a Haunting Hour fan, my expectations have been set pretty high and my tolerance for these cliches are rather low. I might revisit this episode sometime in the future but I'm going to watch the next episode of the show first.

  2. I've actually seen a few episodes of The Haunting Hour not too long ago, and unfortunately, this was one of them. It was a painful experience and I wish to never experience it again. You perfectly explained why the episode didn't work, and for that I commend you.

  3. "Okay, what's the idea for the next episode?" "It's called 'Pool Shark.' There's this guy, and there's a pool, and there's a shark in it." "Yes! I love it! Make it happen!" "Okay, so you want us to develop it further?" "No, just take whatever you've got and run with it!"