Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Every Haunting Hour Ever #8: The Walls

Season: 1 
Episode: 8 
Original Airdate: February 5, 2011
Director: Michael Scott 

     You know, I gotta be honest with you guys. I never really found the Goosebumps TV Series to be that scary. Maybe it's because I've seen scarier content before I watched Goosebumps or maybe I was just a brave kid but either way, this show never managed to terrify me. This episode on the other hand... Um... Let's just look at the story first.

     Jeffery (Bobby Coleman) realizes that not everyone moves out before someone else moves in. There is something in the walls of the new house into which he and his parents move. 

     One of the things that makes this episode so damn good is that it's one of the few episodes that terrified me to the point where I had nightmares over it. Don't get me wrong, most of the episodes in this series have great scares but I can usually handle them okay. This one however is different because when I'm alone regardless of the time of day, I feel like there's someone in my house that shouldn't be there and this episode does a great job capturing this fear. I think this comes from the way the monster in the walls is built up through the hints that are given about it, the music, and the tense atmosphere all working together at the same time. 

     Another thing that makes this episode so damn good is the twist ending. You see, it turns out that Jeffery's parents knew all along that there was a creature in the walls. They say that the ugly old creature called a klemit causes good fortune and has a strong sweet tooth (and the old man who previously lived in the house died while dating a 29-year-old woman). I'm not going to lie, this is probably one of the best twist endings I've seen in a long while. I think it works because while there are hints along the way (i.e the parents buying expensive stuff, a neighbour telling Jeff about how the previous resident had to "Feed the walls", etc) are kept vague and somewhat subtle. 

     Overall, this was a rather enjoyable and terrifying episode that is sadly one of the more obscure episodes of the series, like Nightmare Inn for example. Why this is I'm not exactly sure but nevertheless it definitely deserves at least several viewings. 

     Overall Grade: A+

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  1. The feeling that there might be something else in the room or house with you, or even something out in the open, is a terrifying feeling! Any show that can channel that feeling effectively is going to be a chiller. I like how they blended the folklore and whatnot in there too, and that's quite a twist about the old man.